Spring is in the air. What shall we wear?!

March 5, 2023Nikita

As the seasons change and winter fades away, I eagerly start thinking about updating my wardrobe with the latest spring 2023 trends. My surroundings, especially nature, inspire me. As the trees bloom and change, I start thinking of this year's colours and what new shades I would like to incorporate into my daily wardrobe.

So, what new and exciting colours will become a part of our looks this spring? This upcoming season is all about bright, bold colours. We are also seeing lots of standout playful prints and, of course, statement pieces that are sure to make you stand out from the rest.

If you love fashion and have been plugged into the latest trends, then you have noticed that there are lots of oversized and exaggerated silhouettes this upcoming season. From cargo pants to one of my all-time favourites, wide-leg trousers, amplified sleeves, blazers, handbags and everything else in between. The bigger, the better! Such a fun, playful season to be transitioning into.

Spring colours? What are we seeing, and what should we incorporate into our wardrobe now?! As mentioned, bold is in, so go bold or go home! And this includes eye-catching pops of colour. A few of the colours dominating the runway, from clothing to handbags, are Fushia, Tangerine, Red, Electric Blue and many more. So if you are obsessed with colour, there is no better time than now to go crazy.

I have always believed that our body is a blank canvas. We can re-create a canvas daily through our style, colours, accessories, and so much more. Do not be afraid to experiment with all of these colours this season and express your true inner fashionista by mixing and matching colours, silhouettes, and prints! Go crazy on your canvas!

Have we already used the word 'statement" today? I believe we have! And yet, here we go again! As if bold colours, prints, and silhouettes are not enough. Remember to add some big accessories to your look this spring season! Small and dainty are always classic and chic, yet this season, let's have some fun with oversized hoops and colourful tassels; yes, these are back again! If you are anything like me, you have some of these big hoops or tasselled earing stashed away in the bottom of your jewellery box, so now is the time to run and dust those off and make them a part of your spring 2023 look!

And Finally, be sure to finalize your spring look with some bold block heels or strappy sandals. In case you have not caught on yet, a statement look is definitely the way forward this spring 2023!

Let's embrace our inner fashionistas and go wild with all the fun, creative ways we can express ourselves this spring!

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