My Top 2023 Denim Trends

March 21, 2023Nikita

Fashion trends are constantly evolving, changing, and yet sometimes we are transported back in time with trends that we have seen become extremely popular in eras like the '70s, '80s or '90s. Denim is one of those trends we have seen as a constant and even a staple in our wardrobes, from the infamous denim jacket to our everyday jeans.

This year, Denim has come back strong! We see an elevated version of Denim everywhere we go, which I am obsessed with. I mean, who does not like Denim?! One of my favourite things about Denim being one of the biggest trends this year is that we all own some denim pieces in our wardrobes already, which makes it so easy to go shopping in our closets and then perhaps add some additional details here and there. Voila, as easy as 123, we can go out in "denim style" and crush this year's trend and look as fashionable as the runways!

Because I love Denim so much, I thought I would share some of my favourite denim trends that defy time and fashion year after year.

1. Wide-leg denim jeans
Wide-leg denim, who does not like these? A few years ago, I was not sure I was into these. Yet, over the years, I have tried to incorporate more relaxed, comfortable Denim into my wardrobe, and these hit the mark completely! I love the comfort of a wide leg, and yet depending on how you style these, they can be very casual or elevated chic and maintain their elegance and comfort at the same time. Dress them in a navy blue blazer, heels, a simple white T-shirt, and some fantastic trainers. Either way, these are a must in my closet always.

2. Flared denim jeans
Flared denim jeans are at the top of my list! I have always been a fan of how they fit; in my opinion, they flatter any boy type and make me feel amazing every time I wear them. Flared gives me a relaxed retro vibe that depending on how we choose to style, can evolve into a retro-modern look that will turn heads! I own most colours in flares and see myself continuing the flare craze sometime soon!

3. Vintage Denim
Vintage style denim, from distressed, faded, and ripped, has been trending for a while and is here to stay for me. I tend to go for the mom jeans in vintage Denim and love wearing these on the weekends for a more chilled vibe!

4. Patchwork denim
I love anything patchwork, from throws to bedding and everything else. So, it's impossible for me not to love denim patchwork. The art and creativity of multiple pieces of Denim sewn together have been gaining popularity as a sustainable option for Denim, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind look.

5. Colored Denim
Colored Denim has been a popular trend in recent years. A staple in my closet is always blue, black and white Denim, but I have loved the pastels since they have come out! I am here for anything pastel in Denim, especially for the spring and summer months. They make me happy! I love anything from pastel shades of pink to greens, blues and yellows. Let's not forget about bold denim colours like red and electric blue! Such an easy way to add a pop of colour to our daily denim outfits, which radiate happiness!

6. Denim dresses
Denim dresses have been a popular choice for a versatile and easy way to wear an everyday outfit, from mini denim dresses to more flowy maxi dresses—another must-have, especially for spring and summer 2023.

7. Denim corsets and tube tops
If I had to choose, this might be my top favourite denim trend for spring and summer 2023. I love corsets and tube tops, but there is something special about denim corsets. It makes me feel so sexy and regal simultaneously, with a nod to Victorian times. You can elevate it with a long-sleeved white shirt underneath or keep it simple and fun. Either way, I am excited to style this in the upcoming months!

8. Denim maxi skirts
We have all seen and probably owned denim mini skirts and shorts over the years, and yet when the maxi denim skirt trend came out, I was instantly a huge fan! Along with the denim corset and tube top, it's right up there as one of my favourite denim trends, and I love that It is still going strong this year!

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