Every year I am anxiously waiting to discover the new Baguette collection. What could it be this year? And which Baguette are we going to add to our wishlist? In this blog, I will share my top favourite 2023 Baguettes and which are on my wishlist. Before getting into some fun “eye” shopping, let's talk about its history.

The infamous Baguette. The bag of all bags, the “it” collector's item for any fashionista since its debut in 1997. This became a fashion statement throughout the 90s and has evolved into a constant staple in the luxury world, year after year reinventing its style and always staying true to its original beauty and shape.

I would like to personally thank the exceptional and admirable creative director at the time, Silvia Venturini Fendi, for giving the world of fashion THE BAGUETTE such a fantastic creation that has become a staple we cannot live without in the world of fashion.

Baguette, is such an interesting name for a bag. Have you ever wondered how it got its name? Believe it or not, its inspiration was a French Baguette. Yes, an actual French baguette! Because of its small size, it can be tucked under the arm, just like a French Baguette.

The Baguette was and has always been a special piece. Designed to be carried as a statement accessory rather than just a practical handbag. Since its inception, it has been a success and has quickly gained a cult following. It is often seen on the arms of a celebrity or featured in popular TV shows such as Sex and the City. The bag's popularity has remained strong over the years, with Fendi releasing new versions and limited edition designs we can’t wait to discover!

I have personally always been a massive fan of the Baguette. I discovered the Baguette a few years ago with my first Baguette, the “Brown Zucca Canvas & Leather Baguette”. I was so excited to own it, and since then have been on the lookout every year to add new and exciting pieces to my collection. It can be a little tricky to choose my favourites. They are all gorgeous!

Let's start discovering the 2023 Fendi Baguette collection together as I share my top picks for this year and my wishlist items!

 Nikita’s Top Picks

1.Tiffany & Co. bag x Fendi in Tiffany Blue silk

 Just Wow! The ultimate collaboration. Fendi and Tiffany & Co. have collaborated on an exclusive re-edition of the iconic medium Baguette bag. What a dream! Made of silk satin in the signature Tiffany Blue. The FF clasp is finished in sterling silver and decorated with a Tiffany Blue enamelled detail featuring a double T and stunning tone-on-tone silk interior.

The bag is embellished with a Return to Tiffany circular bag pendant and a sterling silver label engraved with “The Tiffany Baguette”. Sterling silver metalware.


 2.Tiffany & Co. bag x Fendi in Tiffany Blue leather

 Another fantastic collaboration between Fendi and Tiffany & Co. This iconic medium Baguette is made of smooth leather in the signature Tiffany Blue. The FF clasp is finished in sterling silver, yes! Sterling silver, and decorated with a Tiffany Blue enamelled detail depicting a double T. Also lined in tone-on-tone silk. It is embellished with a Return to Tiffany™ circular bag pendant and a sterling silver label engraved with “The Tiffany Baguette”. Sterling silver hardware. This is a true masterpiece!


 3. Re-edition bag in dark red satin

 Fendi celebrated its 25th anniversary with 25 re-editions of the famous “under the arm” bag's most iconic archived styles. This one is #4, inspired by the “satin” baguette from the spring summer 2003 collection. Made of elegant dark red satin and a shimmering clasp, this beauty is one to treasure forever. You can also find this in a black satin option.


 4. Re-edition bag in platinum-leather

 Re-edition #5. This beauty is inspired by the “Made of Leather” Baguette Spring/Summer 2012 collection. It is made of nubuck leather with micro sequins that create a shimmering mother-of-pearl effect, with the FF jewel clasp with 30 mounted crystals, so regal! A “Baguette Fendi Re-Edition” plate and gold and silver-finish metalware. This is a true favourite!


 5. Baguette Mini silver crystals bag

 Sparkle, sparkle and more sparkle! Who does not like a little sparkle in their lives? This iconic mini Baguette bag is made of grey nubuck leather embroidered with crystals and an FF clasp. Wear it on the shoulder or top handle. This gem can take you from day to night and will not disappoint!


6. Re-edition bag in lilac beads 

 The Baguette re-edition #16 is inspired by the “bead embroidery” Baguette from the Fall/Winter 1997-1998 collection. It consists of over 22,000 lilac-coloured beads, Embellished with tone-on-tone leather details for a monochromatic effect, an FF clasp in tone-on-tone leather, a “Baguette Fendi Re-Edition” plate and palladium-finish metalware.


7. Turquoise sequin and leather bag

 This is a very special one. I am always in awe of Fendi's exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. This Iconic medium Baguette bag is embroidered with turquoise metallised sequins in different shapes and sizes and the classic gold FF logo. This is a special one.


 8. The Multi-pocket Baguette

 This amazing Baguette was created in celebration of the Baguette's 25th anniversary; its distinctive elements of design and five patch pockets in different sizes made of shiny purple recycled nylon provide us with a playful iconic touch with a twist. As if this was not enough, it is made of recycled materials and is entirely recyclable. I love this!


 9. Re-edition bag in aluminium-tone sequins

The re-edition #7 is inspired by the “aluminium sequin” Baguette from the Fall/Winter 1999-2000 collection. The bag is meticulously hand-embroidered with 12,600 aluminium-tone square sequins and embellished with brown leather details.


10. Re-edition bag in blue denim

If you have been out and about shopping lately, you would have noticed that denim is everywhere this year. What could be better than incorporating denim into your wardrobe with a denim Baguette?! This Baguette is #1 of the 25 re-edition collection. Inspired by the “denim” Baguette from the Spring/Summer 2000 collection. The bag is made of the traditional ready-to-wear denim fabric, and embellished with contrasting stitching and silver hardware, making this the perfect denim statement piece this year!


And now, drum roll, please...!

Nikita's 2023 Baguette Wishlist

1. Tiffany & Co. bag x Fendi in Tiffany Blue silk

2. Re-edition bag in platinum-leather

3. Re-edition bag in dark red satin

And that closes our much-needed dose of Fendi Baguette therapy. No matter which one you choose to add to your wishlist, you cannot go wrong! After all... how could you go wrong with a Baguette?! Until next time my lovelies!

Important Note: Some Baguette Bag references and descriptions, as well as the Visual Content used in today's blog "Fancy a Baguette" have been sourced direcly from the Fendi Website.The inclusion of the above mentioned references, sources and content, whether it be written or in the form of images have been used specifally and intentionally from the Fendi Website to uphold and maintain the integrity and exclusivity of the Fendi brand. I would like to express my inmense gratitude and admiration to the creators and authors of the Fendi website for the invaluable support and assistance that the site provided me in the creation of this blog (Fancy a Baguette).https://www.fendi.com/gb-en/


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